Messenger of Arrivbajo, Fires of the Earth, stop!!!

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The Honorable Greatest Messenger of Arrivbajo utters:

F0487-24-x-36-inch-font-b-Forces-b-font-of-font-b-Nature-b-fontFires of the Earth, stop!!! Volcanic areas of the Earth, stop!!!  Fumes that make volcanoes of this Earth erupt, decompress!!! May the quakes, mechanically induced, be neutralized. Seas and oceans, stay in place!!! , do not flood with tsunamis the shores and costs of Urangea (Earth). Winds, stop your frenzied ways!!! May the atmosphere ward hazardous celestial bodies off the spheres in this solar system. Petmon and his children, I order you to change your course and move to other places of the cosmos, follow the light which WE spoke of in: “Let there be light, and there was light”. Atmospheres which sustain Urangea (planet Earth) and other globes in this solar system with physical and chemical elements –turning solar energy into light and heat- keep working as WE intended since the time WE opened the path of light to shine upon the spheres. Although it is indeed time for this humanity to perish for good, I withhold what it is to come for the next hours of the upcoming days.

Certainly, the Cup a Wrath is overflown and Hecate´s scientists are ready to deliver what Death has ordered. Ladies of Death, stop!!! Do not eat the flesh of those who walk the spheres yet. And what you, prophets, mages and oracles 3526322_640pxof the different theologies and beliefs of this Earth, have seen, heard and felt is true and it can come to be if I want it to be; or it can be put off if GOD’s mercy empowers the order I have given to the cosmic forces to lie dormant. Humanity has gone deaf and a bad number of countries of this Earth are provoking GOD’s wrath. The capital of the world, the Northern Country infuriated GOD, the Elohims, the Angels and the Powers that Be by madly legalizing the act of sodomy. It is only because of the Chaste of this Earth -women that we Angels call Eves (Evas)- and the mistakenly called men –that we Angels call Varones- it is only because them that life in this sphere can be sustained. WE no longer want an Earth full of violence, sodomy and theft practiced by the worst dwellers of this planet. GOD’s wrath is about to unleash and an Armageddon with unconventional weapons are ready to work jointly with the forces of nature. You must know dwellers of Earth that WE and the Archangel Miguel and the Powers that Be of this cosmos are debating over life and death of humanity –or a percentage thereof-. If MY words are heard and there is power in them nothing bad will happen or things will be scaled down. Nevertheless, if MY words are not heard, and these geo-cosmic Powers that Be do not withdraw, we will see each other again in some millennia in any other place of the cosmos. This message is Heritage for this humanity.

Guerrero Arkelon Gran Komendador

Let this message be read from this day on and broadcasted at all times and in as many languages as possible; spread it –not as a terrorizing warning-  but as a way to reach those with brain and heart. Let us be united so the powers of nature in this sphere and this cosmos –including the military forces of mass destruction- be soothed. With your help and the Power of GOD, that we have given you, life can go on, partially or completely in this Earth.  Let this message be spread by all those fortunate or unfortunate beings who hear it. Make this message your sanctuary of salvation.

Lie down calmly and do the following before you sleep: Every member of the family, old and young, takes the most elegant jar or glass in the house, then pour in it a spoon of water. When lying down, touch the water inside the jar or glass with your index finger then bring it close to the top of your head (crown) and let some drops of water drop on it. (1 -6 drops will be enough). Right after the drops drop on your head say: “Thank you Heavenly Father because life goes on” then fall asleep.  Let this message be broadcasted every 2 hours for 15 days.

vandera tao


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