Modern Idolatry

You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth below, You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I am Jehovah your strong and jealous GOD.

Dear listeners of these words and dear readers, idolatry through the times has had stages of transformation where forms of idolatry have changed with regards to the element of adoration. Ancient idolatry, which the Sacred Scriptures refers to, is to idolize objects or figures with a likeness to something, which humans have bowed down to in the past.

Idolatry is an impulse that is entrenched in the hearts of humans and always looks for something to worship and they bow because their object of adoration has physical appearance, since the human being is poor in Faith and that poverty of faith, leads precisely to the requirement that their object of  adoration be physical, material.
IDOLATRIACATOLICAToday, if we take the Sacred Scriptures as a foundation, idolatry has had an extreme makeover, although the adoration images of plaster, stone, wood or other materials continues, the essence of adoration remains exactly the same and in the Sacred Scriptures, in the book of Jeremiah, memorandum/chapter/ 10 says: Hear the word which Jehovahh has speaketh unto you O house of Israel, thus says the LordJehovaha: Learn not the way of the people, nor fear the signals of the sky, for the ordinances of the peoples are vain, because logs from the mountain was cut, the work of the workman, with the ax hand . With silver and gold deck it with nails and hammers so they say, so they do not quit . As they match palms, but speak not: they are carried because they can not walk. Be not afraid of them because they have no power to either do evil or to do good.

Here it is evident, the human tendency to idolize elements or things that in fact tend to be immobile or can be interpreted to be useless, useless in the sense that these idols cannot operate in a free way by its own will to do something 


for the worshiper. In this chapter we find the phrase: They are carried because they cannot walk. This is a characteristic of idols and even in the modern world, the limitations of the object of worship remain exactly the same, only that now it is not a piece of wood with similarity to something that is being worshiped, now elements of flesh and blood that appear to be ordinary humans but if we look at his/her deeds, his/her life, we can determine that these modern idols are also dependent, are subjected to the will of he who handles his/her tormented life, if it can be called life. It is equal to past centuries when humans bowed before images. These images were used by infernal demons, some of which are not of this three dimensional plane, others that come from other regions of infinite space, such as negative extraterrestrials which turned the ancient world into one of idolatry and if we study a little  about the origin of some idols such as the worshiping of Semiramis, queen of heaven, we can verify that many of the evil influences that led humans to their sorry state of decrepitude has been influenced by alien characters, which through the times and at different ages have become objects of worship. In the case of Semiramis which is the same Astarte, that is currently worshiped as the virgin Mary, this cosmic character is the same great whore that in almost all stages of the times, has been present and has become an object of worship by different civilizations of the past and presently is globally adored.

idolos-juvenilesPerhaps some of the listeners and readers of these words consider that what has been said is somewhat rambling, speculative. I tell you: if you truly understood the human condition, why they are on this earth, enduring pain, suffering, conflicts and other conditions, that to many makes them think that GOD does not exist, because for them there is only the earth and its inhabitants and they ask themselves: why does GOD being GOD allow these things to happen in his creation? And the mind is not far reaching enough to think about those millions of stars we see in the sky, are suns like the sun that shines on us, and which grants function and life of the solar system we are living in and so it is with majority of stars that are seen, which are suns and have darkened spheres that rotate around it. But yet most of mankind dimwitted believe in modern science which denies everything, continuing the malicious exercise that for centuries the catholic church has perpetrated which limited the scientific advancement of human beings, because at the time of the Inquisition, they killed whoever said that the earth was round,  they killed whoever dared to say we were part of a solar system. Whoever would bring a new invention that was never seen before was considered a heretic and killed. When Henry Ford created the first engine, they considered him a black magician who had brought demons from hell and put them into the first engine that was formed and he had to work hard to prove that his invention was genuinely mechanic.


The whore of the cosmos, which is the same Semiramis of Babylon, is a character who has had a physical body on earth for many ages, and today is embodied in an institution which governs all the kingdoms of the earth and is called the catholic church, which is the mother of all abominations of the earth just as it is written in the book of Revelation. The current human degeneration in all aspects comes from the great whore, who sits as queen and lady and who sponsors the adoration and worship of the virgin, virgin that in every region of the earth has different names but is the same semiramis.

At present she has induced mankind to worship idols of flesh and blood and this has kept the youth of today trapped, creating for her musical idols that are the famous men and women that influence youth and even the elderly. Also actors and actresses have become idols, athletes especially those that play soccer  which adore the demon “gol”, are idolized by humans. When they call them idols it is not because they are exalting them calling them this way but because satan has inspired in them this term, because these people really become idols which gather masses and humankind blindly walks behind them. These are the idols of today and it is sad to see humanity idolizing hellish monsters that have physical  bodies but that are possessed by legions of demons, the same demons that in past centuries led human beings to create images to worship them. Today those legions are embodied in bodies and make themselves objects of worship since all the psychic and emotional energy of the fanatic is directed towards that monster, the way of dressing, their customs, their vices, everything that the evil element is, is reflected in the behavior of their fans and so all mankind all over the face of the earth has its idols and is trapped, imprisoned because that great whore has used the tools of the day to manipulate the blind masses, which are easy prey to all kinds of abominations, which is why it was written in the book of Revelation that the great whore is the mother of all abominations of the earth.


Understand the following for your clarity, the great whore which is prophesied in Revelation is not simply the catholic, apostolic and roman church, which religiously dominates the world, this is her friendly face. But if we research the interests that are managed by this empire of evil, we can discover that they own the wealth of the world. They manage the business of prostitution in all its legal and illegal branches, that they own, through their banks, casinos in which humanity squanders its money, handing it to the demon luck, which is also worshiped, revered by humans and that is cosmically gigantic and perverse,  converting those that pay tribute to this demon in slaves.

That is the sad reality of humanity which happens minute by minute, second by second, and that are karmic disgraces that humanity suffers for rebelling against GOD, not in the Garden of Eden, because this rebellion was a minimal relapse compared with the rebellion 


that satan and the angels did in heaven, and that the great Michael fought this battle against satan and threw him into the abyss and with him the third part of the stars, understood by stars, rebel angels who are the human beings of this land and even inhabitants of other spheres (planets) of this cosmic region called the abyss. Chapter 20 of Revelation says: And I saw an angel come down from heaven that had the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand and seized the Dragon the old serpent is satan and bound him for a thousand years and threw him into the abyss and locked him up and sealed it over him so as to not fool nations any further, the nations referred to in this Chapter are higher planets that have not fallen and that satan is inducing them to fall, and it was necessary to launch him to the abyss and seal the abyss so that this cosmic monster does not continue deceiving the humanities from other higher worlds where pain, sin and death does not exist.

This is the motive why humanity is found on the face of this earth of suffering  because of the fact of rebelling against GOD in heaven, hence that even from the womb children are born sick because their souls drag a gigantic karma and each time they reincarnate they do it to continue suffering until they make the firm decision to be a child of GOD and no longer follow the perverse world drawn and driven to greater misfortune every day.

It’s time people of GOD and it is time esteemed reader of these words to take the reigns of your life and not let the malevolent influence drag you, becausemodern idolatry leads you to destruction, to the second death just as they are being dragged, those men and women that follow the idols of today that are human beings sadly dominated by hellish, satanic legions, which lead them to fame and transform them in this way into instruments of its enslaving plan. On this topic there is much to say, I have only given a brief preamble to this subject that is very extensive and will continue to develop in future publications.

Author: Joven taoista

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