vandera tao

Good day,  good money, and good health. We hope that every day is an awakening of consciousness, opening the mind to messages emitted by the universe and its inhabitants. The rising of the Tao Youth, from The true Tao-Jewish People, would like to invite you to the fourth Tao youth encounter in order to prepare youth leaders across the globe at our temple, the great Vegetal Sakroakuarious Temple. We will be meeting fromDecember 25 2015 through January 9th 2016.

This will be a great opportunity to fill our souls with the hydrogen of the mountain of God, and travel through the paths of wisdom to the most sublime places of science and conscience. A conscious young person is one that lifts his or her will to the service of humanity, a person whose spirit of fight for life takes them to meet with their true self, a self that guides them in defense of truth and liberty.

We will meet from December 25 in the Mount of Weor at the great Vegetal Sakroakurious Temple. We will be victorious with the strength of God and the energy of the Eloihms, and just as the venerable master Samael Joav Bathor Weor said: Fight, Victory, Truimph. Forever.

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