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The Master Samael Joav Bathor Wehor says:

The medicine is as follows: 5 cups a day, of ginger (15 grams) and pine seeds (10 to 15 grams). It has to be boiled, and then blended and finally filtered. Aloe vera (30 grams) is added to this, and it is blended again. Honey is added for sweeting.

For children, less amount can be used, half a cup three times a day, depending of the age. For infants is recommended 6 spoons every two hours.

At lunch it is recommended to have a lot of raw garlic. It is recommendable also to take a garlic pill in the morning and another one in the midafternoon

Make steam treatment three times a day. For the steam treatment use gaque (30 grams), orange shells (90 grams), frailejon (10 grams), arnica (10 grams), and bee honey.

For this the steam treatment the ingredients have to be boiled, and the vapor has to go directly to the face (the head has to be covered with a towel).

It is great to make sun bath for at least 20 days. After the sun bath it has to be drunk two glasses of natural orange 


Please keep the quarantine and use a cover mouth to go out. In each family, only one person should go to buy groceries.

Wash your hands every 30 minutes with soap and water. Disinfect your house periodically. For disinfection, orange or clementine shells can be used (blending the shells and diluting 1 glass in one gallon of water).

Take two boldo (6 to 8 grams) tea cups a day. In this tea, add the juice from two lemons (the lemons must be blended with the shells and seeds.

Eat honey with black bee wax (black beehive has propoli, royal honey and their nutrients), 30 to 40 grams, for breakfast and dinner. Eat this with natural bread.

At bed time, eat a spoon of bee pollen with royal honey. Do this 15 days after the person has been healed.

Pregnant women must avoid boldo tea with lemon. For replacing this, they have to eat pineapple natural juice with bee pollen (2 grams). For old people, they can add Portobello mushrooms and an algae called cholerella (5 to 7 grams a day). The algae can be blended in natural fruit juice, or in any other food.