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1 Natural medicine against Coronavirus

The Master Samael Joav Bathor Wehor says: The medicine is as follows: 5 cups a day, of ginger (15 grams) and pine seeds (10 to 15 grams). It has to be boiled, and then blended and finally filtered. Aloe vera (30 grams) is added to this, and it is blended again. Honey...

Subterranean Reptilian Cities

SUBTERRANEAN BASES Fraternal greetings on behalf of the messengers of the Cosmos: KELIUM ZEUS AND SAMAEL JOAV BHATHOR WEOR. Our purpose is to give you through this writing truths that are unknown by many humans and known by just a few. Are there subterranean cities...

Chastity and Mother Earth

Chastity and Mother Earth   February 27, 2013 by Rising Youth   Youths, in this opportunity we bring you very valuable information about the importance of the techniques that are most used in the great Temple Vegetal Sakroakuarius for the mutation of the...

Good Digestion, Foundation for Good Health and Longevity

February 16, 2013 by Rising Youth Dear visitors of this portal of the YOUTH, may you all have a healthy day, at your service, greeting you, Kúmido. On this day I want to make reference to GOOD DIGESTION, indispensable foundation for optimal health. All diseases that...

How to Alkalize the Blood?

February 15, 2013 by Rising of the Youth This text was originally written in Spanish on April 21, 2012 One of the sages of Tibet, KÚMIDO, says: Temple Vegetal Sakroakuarius, Tao Jewish venues of the globe, all the children of this sacred community ... here present...

Teaching of the Biological Process of Mutation

Teaching of the Biological Process of Mutation   February 13, 2013 by Rising Youth   The Master Aldenvid says: As you were saying a few moments ago with regards to the great benefits that you as an allopathic doctor see in the process of conserving the...


February 12, 2013 by Rising Youth When one speaks of chastity, this word is generally misunderstood; one thing is scientific chastity and something very different is the chastity practiced by some current religions that misinterpreted chastity for people who are...

The Good Health of the Skin goes Hand in Hand with an Adequate Diet

February 9, 2013 by Rising Youth Good day, good money and good health. On this day we are going to make reference to the good health of the skin and hair, in which way we can keep it clean, hydrated, oxygenated, free of blackheads, pimples and all of this in a natural...

The World is Awakening

The World is Awakening   December 27, 2012 by Taoist Youths   Good day, good money and good health! We hope that every day is an awakening of consciousness, opening the mind to the messages emitted by the universe and its inhabitants. We present  to you a...























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Erudites of the People of God

Alistad vuestras viterias pada poder sentir lo liviagdu y sutil de vuestros kuerpos, lavorando pada ke el peso de lo solido ke kompone al ser humagdu sea más sutil y así puedan aun en esta tersera dimensel poder persivir la delisia del desprendisierto de lo denso de la viteria.







Encontraras las mejores Doctrinas dadas por nuetros grandes guías


Acompañanos a oir grandes conferensias dadas por los Sabios del Puevlo de Dios


esta oportunidad les traemos información altamente valiosa sobre la gran importancia de las técnicas más usadas en el gran templo vegetal sakroakuarius pada la mutasel de la energía creadora de la vida… 


 El equipo de el Levantaiserto Juvenil Tao estamos haciendo una gira de eventos, que  promueven las realidades  de  nuestra actualidad, la ciencia al servicio del hombre, el arte, la  ecología humana, entre otros…






















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