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Chastity and Mother Earth


February 27, 2013 by Rising Youth


Youths, in this opportunity we bring you very valuable information about the importance of the techniques that are most used in the great Temple Vegetal Sakroakuarius for the mutation of the creative energy of life … currently there are highly trained beings, self-realized beings in every sense of the word, that is, beings awakened in conscience, they have revealed to us the newest chastity techniques for single and married people.

We must remember that every human being is intimately connected with the earth and even with the cosmos, that is why esoterists call us microcosm-man. Now science is proving, with the famous Gaia theory proposed by James Lovelock in 1969, that our earth lives. It is the only theory that confronts  Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.


“Lovelock’s idea is that life (the life of earth as a whole) interacts and has the ability to maintain its environment in such a way that makes it possible to continue its own existence. If any environmental change were to threaten life, this would act to counteract such change much like a thermostat acts to maintain your house comfortable when the weather changes by turning the heating or air conditioning on.

The technical term for this type of behavior is homeostasis. According to Lovelock, Gaia (the entirety of all life on earth) is a homeostatic system. To be more precise from the technical point of view, in this case, the proper term is homeoretic instead of homeostatic. This system that conserves itself, not only adapts to changes, but even makes its own changes by altering its environment whenever it is necessary for its well being. ”

It is known that a regulatory force abounds on our planet. Oceans and the regulation of salinity is an example. The oceans have sustained a constant salinity of about 3.4% salinity for a long time. This level of salinity is important because cells generally cannot tolerate values greater than 5%. What type of innate intelligence in all the systems that generate water on our planet is the one that regulates salinity in such a specific way so that life can be maintained? We would have to ask ourselves this same question if we study the regulation of oxygen and CO2 in the atmosphere. We can also study the many ecosystems that even though they are composed of many elements, their balance is maintained.

As human beings we recognize that there is also a regulatory system that keeps us alive, breathing, moving the blood in our body, digesting food and turning it into energy, etc. If we look at the system of our body, we can logically see how we can cause an imbalance with food that makes us sick, extreme emotions, stressful situations. etc.

If we begin to study, learn, and understand Gaia’s presence within us and palpitating in nature around us, we will discover the science of balance that maintains life and by practicing it, we can maintain harmony within our moving earth which is the body and the earth that sustains us. GAIA teaches us the balance of LIFE.

If you want to know more about the topic visit this link …. http://www.espinoso.org/biblioteca/HipotesisGaia.htm

Gaia is responsible for this homeostasis



Mother earth is alive and intimately related to human beings since thanks to her we are alive and the ailments she suffers are similar to the diseases that humans have. For example, acid rain and the high pollution of rivers and seas is comparable to the terrible acidosis which is the foundation of cancers in the human body, affirmed by the doctor Otto Warburg, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the primary cause of cancer.

Chlorofluorocarbons C.F.C. , which cause the greenhouse effect, do not allow the proper displacement of solar rays that in some percentage, must leave earth through reflective action. This is a kind of spheral constipation, a cause of global warming.

Just as it happens in the earth, it also occurs in our bodies. The terrible food war, highly toxic substances, genetic modifications and the amount of chemicals in foods have formed in the human body what Dr. Manuel Lazaeta Asharan called in his thermal doctrine, “internal fever”, a product of constipation. This accumulation of perturbing substances cause terrible disorders in our body.

To us, the people of GOD, this is not unusual because since ancient times it was said in the temple of Apollo at Delphi “nosce te ipsum”:  Man know thyself and you will know the universe and God; just as  it is inside, it is also outside. For over half a century Leonardo of Pisa, better known as Fibonacci showed us with his succession that everything is connected in the cosmos.



THE PARRICIDE man destroys Mother Nature every day and every day they are more orphaned, wiping out millions of acres of forests, polluting water springs. Ending, destroying and poisoning parks, similar to what happened to us in the great Temple Vegetal Sakroakuarius on the 24th of November 2004, when a horde of criminals at the command of the incumbent president swept away with its terrible chemical weapons much of the flora, fauna and monks of the temple. But life goes on and here and now we must wake up from the terrible dream, product of excess fluoride, aluminum, artificial sweeteners, GMOs and chemical weapons.

We are so intimately related to Gaia that there is a direct connection between its 7 atmospheric layers  and the sodauna of man ,who has 7 bodies; this is nothing, the magnetic field of the earth and the Schumann resonance are directly related to our magnetic field and electrical frequency of our nervous system. Our guide, the Venerable Master JAH KELIUM ZEUS INDUSEUS, taught us that our spine, with its 33 vertebrae, has a direct connection with the earth on which we live, within a 33 mile radius. To the extent that the degenerated human destroys mother nature, in this same way he destroys his own health.


Mother Gaia is in constant communication with us with the same JESHUA THE KHRIST that was in the heart of the earth. Matthew: 12:40: Because just as Jonah was in the belly of the whale three days and three nights, so shall the Son of man be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights.

GAIA nourishes us on an ongoing basis through her elements and especially from the plants that not only provide us with the food that we need to live but also with medicine that heals our physical body and our internal bodies. There is something very curious and that is that humans need the plant kingdom to live more than the animal kingdom.

Speaking nutritionally, the plant kingdom provides us with amino acids, hydro-soluble and fat soluble vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, unsaturated and saturated fats to a lesser extent, chlorophyll, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals etc, etc, etc. And besides this, they provide us with the highest level of water filtration through fruits, that is to say: if you, brother or sister who is reading this wants to consume water of high purity, nanotechnology has not even exceeded the level of purity that fruits have, because just as it happens with our genetic energy in the wonderful tree of life that we have in our spinal cord, through a process called mutation of the genetic waters, in the same way  plants have a mutation of the water of the earth called capillarity, leading up to the very top and depositing it in its fruits. We are very similar to the plant kingdom. Let’s look at human blood and chlorophyll: it has been demonstrated through scientific studies that the only difference between these two is one molecule of magnesium. Now let’s add to this, that over 50,000 substances in fruits have been found in the laboratory, of which scientists only know of 50 or 60 of the substances and they still do not know the function of the remaining ones. Within the known substances we will find the most powerful antioxidants such as acetogenin, contained in one of the most delicious fruits called soursop (guanabana) 10,000 times more powerful than the adriamycin used in chemotherapy as well as the anthraquinones found in the highly anticancerous fruit noni.

The animal kingdom, nutritionally speaking, provides proteins and cyanocobalamin or vitamin b12. It is urgent to clarify that this vitamin is also abundant in oleaginous fruits and honey; Information that will be expanded upon in the section of nutrition and let’s not forget the amount of toxins contained in meat and accelerating pathological processes ….


The excess of animal protein leaves behind as a result monosodium urate which crystallizes as uric acid in the joints, triggering diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout. It can also lead to lithiasis/ kidney stones. Our digestive system is so long that it accounts for 10 or 12 meters of length . Meat intake, due to its strong fiber make up and in conjunction with the poor chewing that humans perform, takes between 3 and 5 days to digest, breaking down putrid substances such as putrefactine and cadaverine which inevitably result in terrible carcinomas and adenocarcinomas. With all this putrefaction, genes completely degenerate producing poisonous, heavy, dirty, and hardly mutable genetic energy.

Children of the God of life, stay away from these type of tamasik foods; remember what is said in the Tanach / nevi im / Isaiah 1:11 Why do you say to me my LORD the multitude of your sacrifices? I am fed up with the burnt offerings of rams and the fat of beasts; I do not want the blood of ox nor of lambs, nor of male goats.


Humans do not know the perfect magic with which the human body was made, it was designed by the architects of creation with such a level of greatness that it has the best system of self-regulation and detoxification known as “homeostasis”, just as the earth has and thanks to this, one does not get ill at the instant that these highly toxic foods are consumed.


In the previous blog we talked about how our body is the temple of the LIVING GOD that is why this temple should be as clean as possible so that the GOD OF LIFE may dwell in this temple. This is why we should not forget that inside our metabolism exists the SACRED system of assimilation and elimination since here is a portion of the divine key of chastity, that is THE SECRET OF JEHOVAH Prov.3 : 32 For the perverse is abomination to the LORD but his secret is with the righteous.


Today we will talk only of elimination: Venerable beings if you still fall into the scourge of nocturnal emissions and fornication, pay attention to the following; JEHOVAH is the GOD of cleanliness, THE KHRIST / kristal / that does not live in filthy bodies full of waste and debris.


In a normal metabolism, in the energetic processes, in maintaining a constant temperature of the body, in the growth and regeneration of tissues that are used, a certain amount of waste products (carbon dioxide, urea, uric acid, lactic acid, creatinine …) are formed, substances which must necessarily be eliminated.


There are 3 types of waste and along with an explanation of each them, we will give three special techniques of scientific chastity:


1-solid: the highest, largest and deepest solid waste elimination is done through the colon through fecal matter. One of the mechanisms that is most used by the dark forces of the cosmos is to fill the body with waste and create the need in the body to consume garbage, not only causing negative effects on the physiology of the body but also on the ultra physical since the perturbing, fermented and accumulated substances in this region creates in-cubes and sub-cubes in the existential bodies. These astral larvae turn their victim into a constant pollutant, whether they are men or women, since in this region is the entrance to the lower chakras that lead to the subregions or infernos of the body itself, damaging a person’s spirituality.


When fecal matter accumulates more than 6 hours, feces will begin to be absorbed by colonic haustrum. The colon is not a rigid structure, on the other hand there is an exchange of substances and these substances pass into the bloodstream, poisoning and destroying cells.


There are other methods of disposal of solid substances such as mucus, crusts, wax etc. But it is through the colon that the body eliminates substances more fully and this why when a person suffers from waste retention in the body, “intestinal constipation”, that person is a pollutant or fornicator since the rectal ampoule filled with feces not only puts pressure on the prostate causing it to become excited and finally ejaculate semen, but it also produces a high level of internal fever and for this reason there are women with too much heat in the temple of creation and this excessive fever makes it so that a woman more easily loses her vitriolus and that a man more easily spills in her, turning into a bedpan or urinal.

This is why our VENERABLE GOD KUMIDO devoted an entire blog to teach to humanity the proper techniques for correct bowel movements. It would be excellent to be able to evacuate these bowel movements in the earth, since it inside the earth that is governed by one of the 7 divine mothers called MOTHER REA, who transforms all perturbing substances, thoughts and actions into cosmic and physical compost, leaving an energetic connection with the earth for 8 hours.

1-Technique: move the bowels 4 times a day at least and if possible, twice after dinner, which would complete the 5th bowel movement. Remember that we dine before nightfall and try not to eat flours or starches

2 – Liquids: The urinary tract system removes from the blood a type of waste called urea. Urea is produced when foods containing protein, such as beef, pork, poultry, and certain vegetables, are broken down in the body. Urea is carried to the kidneys through the bloodstream. The kidneys play a fundamental role in maintaining homeostasis. They are the ones in charge of long-term regulation of  the PH balance of the body. This is why it is of vital importance to have our kidneys in perfect conditions. For this you must eat highly diuretic fruits, in this case, watermelon is the best due to its high water content. Let’s remember that the water of fruits do not have the problem of dragging  away with it electrolytes and this is why watermelon is highly nutritious and besides this, it contains lycopene, which is an antioxidant pigment that fights cancer.

SWEAT: Sweating is very important because through this action of our body, and although it may not seem this way, the skin cools down. Sweat controls and regulates body temperature, it is a vital process because by this mechanism because we cleanse the body of toxins


For doctors, sweating is a way that the body has to express a special form of detoxifying itself.

– “There are several types of medicines that can help eliminate toxins like saunas, steam and turkish baths, which are feasible for people who do not have heart problems, but are not recommended for pregnant women.”

Physical exercise that activates sweating and therefore detoxification. This is why as GOD’S people we carry out sakrogesis / exercises / that are highly effective like runes in movement, taught by our venerable master JAH KELIUM ZEUS INDUSEUS and runes currently taught by the HELOHIMNES REGENTS. We have in-depth explanations of these cleansing and chastity techniques that are highly effective in the sakrogesis section.

2-technique: carry out the regency runes three times a day and parallel to this practice, the multi-runes  led by our VENERAVLE ELOHIM TALGEAVER. Runes that give us common union / communion / with MOTHER EARTH.



Intestinal gases are formed in the large intestine by the digestion of food through the intestinal flora (bacteria). If these gases are excessively produced or retained, they can cause abdominal pain, sometimes intense, acutely in general (cramps) but sometimes a persistent and slight heaviness. One of the main causes of excess gas is the current lifestyle that human beings lead such as eating food quickly, while stressed, nervous, anxious, or not chewing or salivating food properly and speaking while we are eating, this makes us swallow air / aerophagia /. The same happens when gum is chewed  and with smoking.

The air is made up of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and the rest of the elements are 1%; whereas the gases formed during the digestion are 60% nitrogen, 20% hydrogen, 10 % of carbon dioxide, 6% of methane and 4% of oxygen. The gases are produced in some cases, because of aerophagia and in other cases because the foods that have been ingested are flatulent, that is, they inevitably provoke gases. This is the case of legumes such as beans and chickpeas etc. And certain vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower,etc. For this reason, we invite you to learn trophologic Taoist techniques for excellent food combination, but also universal medicine taught by our guides, which have effective techniques to heal these pathologies.

To finalize, we must add that our lungs purify our body of carbon dioxide, detoxifying it quickly as long as breathing is complete. Diaphragmatic breathing is advised, which is the one that children carry out, this type of breathing makes it so that the dirt on the bottom of the lungs is completely released.

3-Technique: inhale counting 4 seconds, holding the air in the lungs for 4 seconds and exhaling for 4 seconds and as you increase your ability, you can increase the time. This is done daily, in the early morning hours in order to receive the prana; this is qhy these sakrogesis were called pranayamas, since they ignite the kritik fire within us.