February 9, 2013 by Rising Youth

Good day, good money and good health.

On this day we are going to make reference to the good health of the skin and hair, in which way we can keep it clean, hydrated, oxygenated, free of blackheads, pimples and all of this in a natural way.

This publication is not only dedicated to women, since all the advice we are going to give can also be done by men, since there is nothing wrong that men, in the same way, take care of nourishing their skin to keep it healthy.

First of all, the condition of the skin reflects our health. And thus the great importance of giving our body nutritional elements through an adequate diet, which provides our body with sufficient minerals, vitamins and proteins necessary so that the different chemical reactions inside the body can be successful. All of this is reflected in the good health of all the organs that we are made of, including the most extensive organ, which is the skin.

The diet of the women and men of the Tao Jewish Community is OVO LACTO VEGETARIAN given that our diet is based on fruits, vegetables and legumes, with very low consumption of dairy products and eggs, also eaten in moderation.

The correct way of eating for the Tao Jewish community originates in the wise and great teachings brought by our Fathers  HA KELIUM ZEUS INDUSEUS and SAMAEL JOAV BATHOR WEHOR, who are the ones who brought these Sublime Taoist Teachings to this globe. Great Cosmic Elohims, Great Elders of Wisdom, that left us a grand wealth of knowledge in all fields of human and divine knowledge. Thanks to all of this, the Tao Jewish Community is far from the harms and poisons of satan, embodied in the body of a few henchmen, who believe that they own the economic and dietary wealth of the globe.

We are going to make reference to a key point of good health, not only of the skin but also of the body in general and it is a GOOD DIET.



The work of the Human Digestive System for the assimilation of food begins in the mouth, since it contains multiple substances that begin the process of the digestion of food by means of adequate chewing and salivation. Saliva is secreted by three pairs of salivary glands in our mouth and at the same time, this saliva contains the enzyme ptyalin also known as amylase, which is in charge of  breaking down all starches into simple carbohydrates so that they can pass to the following phase of processing. This is why it is necessary to practice GOOD CHEWING and GOOD SALIVATION since when once food passes through the mouth, from there on there are no teeth that can crush it.

buena masticacion




After this food passes to the stomach, which as its name indicates, it is the great magician that is in charge of secreting the gastric juices and adequate enzymes in order to assimilate food even more by fragmenting it and forming the KI force, called KIMO.


It is here in this important place of processing in our body, that if food has not been adequately combined, adverse physical symptoms appear in the body, such as stomach aches, low energy, heartburn, bad digestion and dismay…

o no

Among other factors that can produce these symptoms is the bad combination of foods.

By having correct dietary habits, we greatly help the digestive processes. On the contrary, we would be stopping the good nutrition of all the organs of the body.


 A good diet is rooted in the wise combination of foods, since there are foods that due to the components that they are made up of, do not combine with others and cause multiple unfavorable reactions in the body. Likewise, the stomach requires a minimum time of four hours so that it can completely digest food. This is why it is very harmful to eat between meals, since it would be as if a certain amount of food was put to cook in a pot, and after half and hour, when the foods that were put to cook were already soft and almost ready, more raw foods were added to the pot…inside the stomach this generates multiple upheavals, since if in middle of the process of assimilation new work comes to the already hardworking stomach before having dispatched the previous meal, chaos is produced. This generates bad digestion, symptoms of dismay and the rest of the organs do not receive the sufficient caloric help to function properly since the stomach is making extreme efforts to try to be able to equalize the different states of these foods that it has in its interior.







Another chaos that is produced in the stomach is due to bad combination of foods and for this reason we will present some advice that should be put into practice:

  • Sweet fruits do not combine with those that are sour or citric.
  • Citrus fruits should be consumed alone, preferably in the morning since they purify the body and cleanse the blood.
  • Sweet juices can be consumed for breakfast and for dinner and can be alternated with citrus fruit juices, that is, one day sweet fruit and another day with citrus fruit juices.

jugo naranja


Sweet foods do not combine with foods that are used to make salty meals.


  • It is not advisable to mix flours with bananas.
  • Avocado cannot be mixed with dairy products.
  • Melon cannot be mixed with dairy products.
  • Watermelon should be eaten alone.
  • Fruits cannot be mixed with vegetables.
  • The least amount of cheese of possible should be eaten and it is even better to eat vegetables high in calcium such as broccoli, cauliflower or vegetables in general since all green plants contain calcium in abundance. This is why it is important to drink plant juices…and the best substitute for cheese is avocado since it provides the body with beneficial vegetable fats and combines healthily with all sweet foods as well as all salty foods.
  • Try to make it so that the foods eaten at mid-day, if they are salty, are very low in salt since too much salt diminishes the absorption of calcium and affects the kidneys. Try to make it so that there is always a raw salad with this meal as well as a juice of green plants as a drink.



Some sweet fruits are: mango, papaya, guanabana, melons, ripe bananas, sapodilla, guava, peach, pear, apple, papaya, plum, raspberry, grapes and other fruits … these combine with avocado, flours, honey, pollen.

Note: Bananas, being a sweet fruit, does not combine with flours.

Semi-acid fruits:  lulo, blackberry, strawberries, and others …. These fruits combine with whole grains and it is better not to mix them with each other.

Citrus fruits are:Limes, lemon, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, grapefruit, pineapple …. They should be consumed alone, without any other mix, nor mixing with each other or by adding water to the juice.

Oleaginous products are:peanuts, flax seed, sunflower seeds, coconut, nuts, pistachios, cashews, … Oleaginous products combine with all sweet fruits except bananas, and in addition they also combine with salty foods.

Natural sweets are: honey from bees, royal jelly, sunflower butter, peanut butter, etc… cane sugar, estevia.

Nutritious seeds: corn, barley, flax seed, lentils, peas, sorghum, fava beans, whole wheat, green beans… currently with all type of grain, one has to have extreme care because they can be genetically modified.

It is advisable to practice a fast, at least once a week. If you are not sufficiently accustomed to fasting, you can fast only one of the three meals, drinking in the other two meals vegetable juices or citrus juices.  Another day you do it fasting two meals and then after that, one entire day. Besides strengthening the will power, the digestive system is cleansed. During the fast, accumulated fecal matter from the intestince is released, the blood gets cleansed, the liver, kidneys, it is precisely in these three organs where many toxins settle that enter through drinks, food, and the contaminated atmosphere. In addition, the renal system gets cleansed, THE SKIN AND THE HAIR GETS RENEWED and begins to grow in a rejuvenated way with the disappearance of many skin spots and wrinkles, improves the sensorial functions, that is it improves vision, the sense if smell and taste; blood pressure normalizes without any kind of medication, improves memory and concentration and increases strength and vigor.

If you my dear friend, suffer from some kind of disease and are taking a medication, before preparing yourself to fast, consult with your doctor…if during the fast, you feel bad, suspend it, delicately, not ingesting a large quantity of foods right away.

By putting into practice this good advice for your diet, it will improve your bowel movements, which should be done minimum three times a day and like that the intestine will stay up to date, clean and will provide well being to all the organs of the body.

This good diet should be accompanied by good sakrogesis or physical exercise, which will make it so that all toxins of the skin and body in general, leave through the sweat and urine…A minimum of 2 hours of sakrogesis or exercise should be done per day.

Hygiene is something fundamental, since if we put our hands on our face, hair and skin, if they are not properly washed, this contributes to the proliferation of infections, causing allergies, blackheads, with the danger that through the mouth, nose, eyes and ears, and even through the genitals, viruses, fungus and bacterias can enter inside the body.

Only by having a good dietary discipline and putting in practice the different techniques of cleanliness, excellent results will be obtained and an optimum health in general.



!Today the Veneravle Sage Kumido and the Doctors of Universal Medicine, Monks of the Great Temple Vegetal Sakroakuarius can instruct all those who desire to receive the benefits of these dietary techniques, exercises and sublimation of the energy of life, the Great Science of Alchemy. Send your requests to the email address: salud.medisinauniversal@gmail.com, we will be glad to help you.