February 15, 2013 by Rising of the Youth

This text was originally written in Spanish on April 21, 2012

One of the sages of Tibet, KÚMIDO, says:

Temple Vegetal Sakroakuarius, Tao Jewish venues of the globe, all the children of this sacred community … here present before you, Kúmido at your service,  may the light of our saviors Jah Kelium Induseus Zeus, Samael Weor Joav Bator, Aphrodite Raav Luxor; live in our hearts so that every  impulse that is emanated from it be always towards the good. I want to thank my beloved brothers, the exiled monks of the communication points, for making it possible for these words that GOD puts in my mind, to reach the Temple Vegetal Sakroakuarius, the Jewish Tao venues of the globe, and each one of the homes of the children of this community, thank you brothers for this dharmic kindness that make you great before the Supreme Being; may the blessings of Elohim always be with you.  Make efforts at every moment to make the most of and to reach everything that Elohim puts in front of you; do not waste and that way you will not lament. I want to thank each and every one of you who in your prayers asked GOD for yours truly to return to be in communication. And, from this part of the globe, I felt your desire, which GOD has fulfilled…Elohim recompenses you and now that I am once again with you, I want to be useful in as much as I can.


People of the Almighty, struggle so that your sacred work be of sweet savor unto GOD, struggle my brothers to clean your blood, because your blood is the seat of higher beings; in these times in which we find ourselves today it is indispensable to discipline ourselves with regards to diet; struggling always to decongest our digestive system, we must try, hopefully all of us, to drink, upon waking on an empty stomach, the juice of minimum two limes; try so that your diet is low in starches and fats and that salty foods be accompanied by raw vegetable juices. If these juices are bought in a market, they should be properly washed and passed through boiling water and after making the juice, hopefully with the purest possible water; and if these chlorophylls are made in coconut water, great benefits will be made, which will help to greatly strengthen our immune system.


Our diet should never lack citrus and fruits in abundance since they are natural tonics of great value to achieve a clean and alkaline blood…alkalinity is extremely important; we should not pay attention in the least to what the official medical system says and which certainly considers that alkalinity in the blood is not good…and I tell you: all disease that exists on the face of the earth arises in blood that has an acidic pH. It is possible that what I am telling you has already been exposed by some scientists.





ACIDITY                                  NEUTRAL                               ALKALINITY


                        FOODS                                                                                  FOODS

                        Dairy                                                                                     Fruits

                        Flours                                                                         Vegetables

                        Meats                                                                        Sea vegetables


If we look, for example, at cancer, which is the disease that at present  annihilates human beings the most; this disease develops in general, in an acidic environment, we can say without fear of being mistaken that where there is acidity, there is an overpopulation of anaerobic bacterias, which do not need oxygen to live. When these anaerobic bacterias form colonies in the body, they make it so that cells that make up the tissue or organ where  they lodge suffers a degeneration in its functions and said degeneration is what we all know as cancerous cells.


I will also dare to affirm that all the foods that the large multinational industries produce are plagued by toxic chemical substances that are intentionally added so that the consumer’s body be acidified and said acidified body is converted into fertile ground for cancer in all its varieties; whether it be called lupus, osteoporosis and so on.


This occurs because the food industry or worse said the disease industry,  has a close relationship with the pharmaceutical industry; that is, maintaining people sick is lucrative business.



How can we, the Tao Jewish community avoid cancer?

The most effective way is alkalizing our blood, because an alkaline blood is potentially defensive against bacterias and viruses that would like to proliferate and enter the body…The Tao Jewish community possesses the most sublime and sacred techniques on how to alkalinize our interiro and not only with regards to the physical body, but also all our existenital bodies, thanks to the excelse wisdom brought by our guides and saviors Jah Kelium Zeus Induseus and Samael Joav Bathor Weor and by our fathers the current Elohims…

It is why, fitting together different topics of daily life such as diet, exercise, honorable thinking, feeling and acting, give as a result an alkalinity, not only in the blood, but also of the conscience, since the it itself is not violated, being the representation of violation of the conscience that acidity or leavening  to which I have been referring to…Keep in mind that the rebellion in the absolute began due to a leavening that produced a big cosmic catastrophe. It is like this brothers that when the conscience is not violated we form a immunological sodaunic barrier around us so that clifos, petindraks, the personalities that are the representation of those bacterias and viruses that corrode and damage the energetic fields that we posses, are unable to enter. Fight at every instant to not get acidified, be AL-KA-LINE, which means sublimate, elevate the kales through a clean Word, whose highest manifestation is the rendition of the Sacred songs to GOD, converting ourselves in AL-KA-LIN-DIOS which are the sacred kales of GOD in us.


Know how to make better choices of what you eat, with wise combinations…know how to make better choices of what you hear, hearing wisdom and sweet melodies that elevated your beings; know how to make better choices of what you see, and by doing so, making it so that your neurons can connect with others to form memories and remembrances to edify not degenerate. Be wise in handling your tongue since it is the organ with which we most create dharma for ourselves or by handling a vile, irreverent, offensive, lying, slandering, murmuring word, humankind creates more karma for itself…flee from verbal acidity!!! Remember what our Father Pandira said: “Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees”. Whoever has aversions, resentments, envies, hates against others, has leavening, that is acidity in their heart, which acidifies your blood and debilitates your vital field, turning you into an easy victim of diseases of the body and soul.


…Flee from spiritual acidity!!…May your insides not be leavened; reject all leaven that satan wants to introduce by force, just like our father Christ did, who asking for water to quench his thirst, they gave him vinegar, this was what satan presented to him in the bodies of the soldiers that tortured him: leaven, instead of water, but Christ never accepted the leaven, and like that be like Christ, do not accept gossip, murmurs, against GOD, against his teachings, against your fellow human beings, since this is the leaven of the pharisees; and the most harmful leaven is formed when the sacred energy of life, the seminal energy and sacred vitriol is spilled and wasted. Oh people of the almighty! Mutate that sacred energy for GOD and this energy should be without leaven, because it was written that way by Moses, that no gift should be contaminated by leaven, because it is not please to GOD. Beloved

brothers may the light of Keliom, Shamah, Buddha and all the Elohims shine in your beings and alkalize your souls and be incorruptible;  perfect and this perfection be reflected in your angelical acts, that from today on, we will seen in you forever, blessed be…Ohamen.


Following is a video of a testimonial of the properties of an alkaline diet.


Today the Veneravle Sage Kumido and the Doctors of Universal Medicine, Monks of the Great Temple Vegetal Sakroakuarius can instruct all those who desire to alkalinize their blood and receive multiple benefits of these dietary techniques, exercises and sublimation of the energy of life, the great science of Alchemy. Send your requests to the email address: salud.medisinauniversal@gmail.com, we will be glad to help you.