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February 12, 2013 by Rising Youth

When one speaks of chastity, this word is generally misunderstood; one thing is scientific chastity and something very different is the chastity practiced by some current religions that misinterpreted chastity for people who are single practiced by some prophets like Jeremiah in the seventh century BC.

Young Taoists and non-Taoists let’s begin by understanding that celibacy was an invention of the Catholic church, more exactly by Pope Pelagius II from  580 BC who implanted celibacy so that the goods of church would not be passed on to the wives and children of priests. Beginning like this, with one of the most corrupt forms of sex called celibacy, since the man who practices it becomes lukewarm, therefore one of those which the seer of Patmos wrote of in the prophecy that says: I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot.  I wish you were cold or hot! But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth. Rev.3: 15,16

The human being is a machine producing energy that nourishes the earth and the cosmos. This is why a sage in the aftermath of the times said: “Give me a fulcrum and I will move the world”. But if this energy is not transformed through Taoist scientific techniques of mutation, this energy stagnates in the physical body becoming a lethal bomb that can explode at any moment…a celibate man is a potential murderer because the energy produced by the man, called by esoterists the ens-is minis, commonly known as sperm in men and vitriolus women, is the raw material from which not only the soul is constructed but also all elevated and exalted virtues and skills that a human being has. But if this energy is not mutated but rather becomes stagnated, then this energy goes through the black lines of the physical body accumulating in the joints in the form of dry mercury (heavy metal) strengthening the most aberrant egos that the genetic line of that human being possesses.



This is why the Catholic Church, creator of celibacy, were the worst criminals in history. For example, in the year 836 AD: The Council of Aix-la-Chapelle openly admitted that in convents and monasteries abortions and infanticide have been performed. This is why St. Ulrich, a bishop of the Catholic Church, argues that the only way to purify the church of the worst excesses of celibacy was to permit priests to marry.

In the year 1074 AD, Pope Gregory VII said that anyone that wants to be ordained must first pledge celibacy: “Priests must first escape the clutches of their wives. “.  Once this law was implemented there, the spirit of violence took over them to the point of carry out the supposed holy Inquisition, which has taken  more than 1000 years changing forms and multiple names … this is the unfortunate result of dry mercury, without naming the aberrant orgies of blood and semen that have be made acroos the ages …


But that is chastity?

Let’s study the word etymologically; it comes from caste: a select race, that is to say, superior. To create a selected race (or pure bred) it is necessary to improve the genetic code of a progeny: this is the case of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha who came from the caste of Brahmins, which is the caste of priests. Now let’s look at the case of the Great Kavir Pandira Bem Jeshua of Galilea whose genetics were prepared since the King Antulio and the White Prophets of Anfiónen, the large sanctuary in the ancient Atlantis and at the same time, this genetics inherited by the great prophet Abel, creator of the Kopdas, race from which Moiseus (son of the waters) was heir and transmitted to his adopted son Esen creator of the great white lodge of the Essenes,  birthplace of the prophet Mahatma Emmanuel, Master Jeshua.

Chastity is the preparation that is made to the “boddisatwa” body so that it can be the home of the living GOD, that is to say the body-temple. Corinthians 1, 3.16 “know ye not that ye are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?”…Jesus becomes worthy of the title of Christ, which in is Greek “anointed one”. Let’s remember that he receives the baptism by ablution, “washed” in the Jordan River and thereafter was the anointedo one.



Water in all cultures is a symbol of purity, this is why Moses was able to extract water from the rock. The innermost Christ is born in each of us through the waters of life; the woman’s sexual temple is represented in the sacred scripture as the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, one per month Rev: 22 1.2, 3,4, which is crossed by a clean river of waters of life. These are the waters are the life of which the Master Jeshua spoke.

Sexual energy is highly potent. Imagine my esteemed brother or sister that   reads these words, that if the genetic waters called semen in men and vitriolus in women is capable of giving a new life, even more if this energy is transformed within us .. the scientist John Humphrey Noyes corroborated with his experiment called The Oneida Community that which the great philosophers and sages such as Galen the father of medicine and Hippocrates in the aftermath of the times in his arduous search for the elixir of life …
Wake up Taoist Jewish Youth!!! The water of life with which the children of God are anointed is mutated and sublimated semen, chastity is the mutation of our waters of life: therefore strive hard, fight against various existing ways to fornicate that is to spill the energy. Within the infinite list of ways of fornicating we will find masturbation as a primary cause of premature ejaculation and wet dreams that destroys the life of a young man since in future he will be sexually impotent.

Oral sex: aberrant practice that triggers throat and mouth cancer

Anal Sex: fecal matter is absorbed by the micro-pores of the glans passing to the blood and destroying the body’s immune system. This is known as HIV-AIDS, we will look at some of the inumerable infectious diseases that this practice triggers:

HPV, condyloma, chancroid, herpes, all kinds of venereal diseases, etc.

The question is how I can be chaste?

Our venerable helohims regents are currently unveiling mutation techniques to those valiant beings who truly desire from the heart to be totally and definitively chaste; those beings who are cleaning their minds, their actions and words of the sick teachings taught through media such as television, internet and even the erroneous teachings taught in educational establishments.

Awake youths of the world!! Special techniques exist to clean the semen so that it can be mutated …. It is possible that there are some that are unfamiliar with the word mutation in the esoteric sense. We will give a brief explanation and if there is any doubts please let us know because we want this issue to be completely clear to you…

Mutation: means transformation, this transformation takes effect within our body / temple. But before entering the field, we must remember that semen should be cleaned not only from the bad impressions we receive daily, but also from highly toxic substances such as alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, ferments and dead food such as meat and refined food. Because the consumption of these substances not only sicken and dirty semen, but it also produces foul odors in the sexual organs and excessive smegma, fatty substance produced to purify the genitals. In the pillar of diet of this web page, we clarify how one must eat in order to be a true child of God, with fruit seeds and highly photonic extracts.



There are two lines of ascent for genetic sexual energy within the spinal cord, these are called Ida and Pingala, which transmit electromagnetic currents from the ovaries in women and testes in men to the cerebral hemispheres. Here the energy is mutated in askokin. Ida and Pingalá  connects with another conduit that newly descends the energy to the base  of the spine and passing through multiple refinements and converting it into fohat that is more subtle and clean energy; and once again rises through a fourth nadhi called sushumna. The latter converts the fohat in si-12, the highest purified energy within the multiple refining centers of the body called chakras.  si-12 ascends through an energetic conduit called antia da  unasastasa that connects our last chakra which is located in the crown of the head called Sajashrara with the edad lines, which lead to the Suns who received our energy, fulfilling the cosmic law of retribution. For any human being to be able to live needs to at least produce askokin that is the most pure energy that a human being that fornicates can produce. However the invitation YOUTH OF THE PEOPLE OF GOD is that we be an energy producing factory plant of si-12 which is the purest energy produced by the chaste of the earth, who did this in other times of jeshua, Zoroaster, Mohammed, Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, Moria, these just to name the best known.

Chastity is the virtue which governs and moderates the desire for sexual pleasure according to the principles of faith and reason. Through chastity the person acquires control of their sexuality and is able to integrate it into healthy behavior, in which the love of God reigns over all. Therefore it is not a negation of sexuality. Chastity is a virtue that goes beyond mere abstinence or voluntary control of our sexual instincts.


Chastity is the result of sexual mutation. Christ, Buddha, Dante, Zoroaster, Mohammed, Hermes,
Quetzalcoatl and many other great teachers were, chaste.


The birth of the Great Man is an absolutely sexual problem. We need to be born once again in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. “In the union of the phallus and the uterus is the key to all power. The important thing is that the couple learns to withdraw from the sexual act before the spasm, before the seminal discharge. Semen should not be spilled neither inside or out of the uterus, not on the sides nor anywhere else. We speak this clear so that people understand, even though some infra sexual puritans qualify this as aberrations.

It is in indispensableto know, that the key to mutation means also the key to Re-Generation ” S.A.W.

By: V. Being DUELKIHARED, LAUVAKTI, Mj KAPUNDANHA; Weordinators of Rising Taoist Youth.