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Teaching of the Biological Process of Mutation


February 13, 2013 by Rising Youth


The Master Aldenvid says:

As you were saying a few moments ago with regards to the great benefits that you as an allopathic doctor see in the process of conserving the spermatozoa inside the human body? I have always looked for an allopathic doctor, hopefully from these teachings, that could explain how it is possible that in the process of storing the spermatozoa one can become an immortal being, full of health and intelligence.


How is this biologically possible?


This is the question Venerable Agent in Charge of the Great Commander.


The Venerable Agent in Charge of the Great Commander says:

Is it licit for me to know who is asking this question? If it is not licit, do not tell me, since I understand the security measures that are necessary to have.


The Master Aldenvid says:

The question is being done by someone who has studied a little bit of allopathic medicine.


The Venerable Agent in Charge of the Great Commander says:

That’s fine. Are you currently studying or do you have a degree?


The Master Aldenvid says:

I am studying and at the moment I have suspended my studies to dedicate myself to this great labor. The doctors of the Universities never give an answer to this question, it would seem that they would know it is this way but don’t like to say it, as if they are concealing something.


The Venerable Agent in Charge of the Great Commander says:

Reverend brother and colleague, I say colleague because you may have the intention to continue the semesters that remain in order to complete this magnificent and excellent profession, of which I do not regret having studied, even though I am not currently exploiting it, and which I am grateful to the venerable Masters JAH KELÎUM ZEUS ÎNDUZEUS and the Venerable SAMAEL JOAV VBATOR WEOR, even though while I was studying I didn’t even know that they existed, but to the extent that I advanced in the what all of you teach me, I have discovered that they were the ones who taught me through the bodies of some professors, that just as you have already experienced, they help camouflage to us a certain percentage of atheism and I tell you this my fellow colleague: I do not have hope that any doctor from the medicine that you are studying and will study, will be able answer that which you are asking. They would have to have been born with something special within them, perhaps with what you and I were born with.


I consider this knowledge, what people call innate knowledge, that one is born with this knowledge even though apparently one does not know it but which travel in the genes of our blood.


I consider my fellow colleague, that this innate knowledge has its chronological recording in the genes and when the time comes for those genes, the memories of that knowledge flourish in the brain and that knowledge is not given to us by professors nor can they take it away because it is intimate property of ours and just as you know, the professional pride that we boast as professionals makes it so that questions that strive to take us out of alignment are fastidious and in the face of those question, they are very busy.


In the previous conversations I  already said something that I am going to tell you my fellow colleague, with one of the professors, who would escape from some questions with regards to that which concerns us and the only good thing that I found in that professor, besides all the good that I learned from him as a professor, is that in his own way GOD had used him as a prophet because among the many of the slightly difficult conversations we had when he would tell me not to mix religion with the profession, although I wouldn’t speak to him of any religion, I would expound things along the same line of medicine, but he would always be on the defensive and many times he would say: do not mix science with religion, you should worry about perfecting the knowledge you are learning and that is how you will be a great professional.


And among the many dialogues we would have with the little time that he had, one day he got a little hysterical and between his hysteria and neurosis the following words, which today have begun to be carried  out, came out of his mouth: you, with those ideas, will be a doctor from some religion curing patients with faith and not with what you studied, with different hypothesis to the ones you learned and your colleagues at work will be medicine men and herbalists who cure with exorcisms with which medicine does not share. That is the prophecy that my professor, in the neurotic state in which he found himself, dictated to me.


The question, that you my fellow colleague is making does not have an answer in official medicine, because just as you said a few minutes ago, it is very possible that we as doctors may have the answer latent in our genes but the environment that has surrounded us or that in this case, has surrounded the other doctors, has made it so that the environment retains those facts and encapsulates them in such a way that they do not get to the neurons to be externally expounded and that doctor will die without knowing them and without the questions that you and I have, because our same profession as doctors since we began to study it from anatomy, biology and physiology, does not show us neither anatomical points nor biological or physiological functions that are different to the functioning that we all know. Since anatomically we are not taught nor shown the fundamental principle of the true shield or symbol of medicine.


According to the medicine that we know of, semen is only in the sexual organs and that which is genetic is everything that has to do with genes but eastern medicine has other focuses to those that our head aligns with and that do not allow that we leave this line of thought and that in reality, anatomical medicine that you and I studied is incomplete. If we were to have this dialogue within earshot of other doctors they would think we have a mental problem and looking at the three corporal factors: anatomy, biology and physiology which are the most elemental of our profession, to say that errors exist in that is to mention the family of all the scientists of the past that have left those foundations. But scientists have been secluded by the different empires of the earth, each empire usurps the men and women of science and then captures their brain in order to indicate which is the line of thought they should follow and whoever leaves that criminal alignment will in few days no longer exist. That is how they have subdued all the inhabitants of the earth to knowledge stained with the whims of an empire and now that I have heard of these Teachings and everything that the Great Commander taught me, that empire is called the beast, a beast that forges its stable in the empire of the moment. In that way, neither you nor I had the freedom to study what the Great Commander calls Universal Medicine. We studied a terrestrial medicine with knowledge stolen from different places of the world, including knowledge stolen from our indigenous ancestors from South America and other places of the world and now assessed and published to the world, to German, British, Russian and other places of the world. The empire that has attributed to have the most scientific knowledge was the Roman empire. That is why the majority of the names of the professors that they rub into our brains are in Latin, the most foul language on earth, according to that which the Great Commander taught me and according to the reality that I have learned.


So therefore my fellow colleague, the medicine that we study is very poor for giving a response as rich as the one you are asking for, since we are not given the basic knowledge of this knowledge and if you and I my fellow colleague, try to establish ourselves with what we learned verbatim, we will see ourselves in the obligation to oppose to that which we are discussing and in this way opposing ourselves to our conscience. In this rejection that I make of my profession I am not rejecting it in the global way that is medicine, but I tell you my fellow colleague the following: I, as a doctor of this type of medicine, now that I entered into these new teachings, I feel like I got on the bus and just until now am on my way to school where I would begin my kindergarten studies and beyond so that in my tender infancy in which I find myself right now, in this symbolic expression, thinking to continue all the cycles of study in order to begin to study Universal Medicine, that is how I feel at these moments my fellow colleague, limited in general knowledge and sometimes I think: it seems like I wasted the time of my studies.


But in the mental and human digression I come back and think:


Well, thank GOD that in this light flickering of knowledge I had the marvelous opportunity to know in the human body the fingerprints of the many hands of GOD, with all that makes up our body and that in these teachings that I am learning is like a human body with all its functioning and that with all that I have been interpreting, this teaching is the human body and the human body is this teaching.


Since I have no one else but GOD and all of you to instruct me, I instruct myself and my complimentary instruction are all of you, that all of you as an ensemble with a human body and I consider to be near there at the sole of the feet of that human body, because when I give a good look to this philosophy from other angles of the medicine that we do not study and unifying it with what we do study, this Teaching is a university of medicine that goes beyond anatomy, biology, physiology, microbiology and all of all the knowledge that is around medicine itself. This knowledge that you had the privilege to get to know and that I have the privilege to begin to know, when I speak with some of you reverend brothers, I find myself in another faculty of medicine where I had never been before and that even though I am a humble being of few academic studies it is a marvelous instructor of this medicine and that this medicine surpasses all the medicines. These days I have encompassed the different types of medicine that there are on the earth and gathering them all in one pile, they do not reach even the height of the calves of this great universal medicine, which is integral and total. That is why my esteemed colleague, do not look for an allopathic doctor to answer the question you asked me, except if it is a person who has concerns like the ones that you and I have and that I has surpassed the poverty of knowledge that I have, what I consider to be eternal, to never become sick and to be a thousand or million times more intelligent than what we are. This is my conclusion but not a conclusion from the line of medicine that we have learned.


If a low percentage was archived in me that which I thought to know since my childhood and in what I said a few hours ago I did not expound any formula, I said that I was possibly committing blasphemy against GOD because I have never expounded this to any human being, because I did not find solid foundations in which someone could hear this with some benefit, but now that I know these teachings, I felt that you are the people to which I can expound this, because your knowledge is similar to the one I believe to know since my childhood and this is a conflictual point for some and a very pleasant exposition for others, this is a claim I would do inside myself and here the time has come between you, me and all the brothers of the community that with the help of GOD and with the help of the venerable Masters Jah Kelium Zeus Induseus and with the help of the Venerable Master Samael Joav Bator Weor and the Great Commander and with the help of other medical colleagues that there are in the community plus the help of the reverend brothers, we can give them the interpretation relevant to this case and hopefully we will be able to discover what we have to do to be able to multiply our intelligence and like that teach those who want to do it; how to conserve health without getting sick and like that teach those that want to do it, how to surpass the age of the cycle that we call biological, enjoying a youthful vigor, although the concept that I  discover is that we have the basic foundations inside us as human beings to never die; I believe that to try to discover this, GOD will forgive us because perhaps we want to break out of the walls of a prison where the law of GOD has put us, well I continue with the idea the we as sparks of souls in some place of creation over there in another planet where we did something bad as sparks of GOD of which we are no longer conscience of, it is very possible then at that time we were eternal. This is not a doctrine, this is just one more conjecture.


But basing myself scientifically in the biological, physiological, anatomical and even microbiological reality, we have the genetic marks in our body of having been eternal at some time and this eternity is founded on creator energy. As I have already said, we human beings according to what I interpret, taking as a foundation the basic knowledge of medicine, as human beings we possess the marks of being eternal, of having an infinite intelligence and never getting sick. This is what I discover and it is in this that perhaps I may be committing blasphemy because I am almost making a claim to GOD, but at the same time I consider that maybe GOD did not create us the way we are right now. I say it once again, it is very possible that we were eternal but something happened with our sparks and that GOD imprisoned us with the system of being mortals and for disease to atrophy our bodies, shorten our lives and to periodically die without having conscience of these incidents. But I believe that it is in our hands to discover how to be eternal once again, but at the same time I consider that we would be breaking out of the walls of a prison where GOD put us to be able to to discover how to be eternal. But it would be one of the worst disgraces to be eternal and sick, so then we need to discover how not to get sick. And it would be another disgrace to be eternal without getting sick but being eternally ignorant and  brute as we are, that is, we would be eternal beasts. But the marks that are in human bodies; we possess these three factors: intelligence, health and eternal longevity. If we have in our bodies these marks, it means that we had that at some point and the point I am making in the face of GOD and men and today answering this question to you fellow colleague is that those marks of intelligence, of not getting sick, in other words of perpetual health, those marks of eternity are in the spermatozoa and in other corporeal aspects and logically in cellular records and in all the atomic records of the body but these records congregate in the spermatozoa to be transmitted from one generation to another. Since every spermatozoa is a constituent of the following generation and if one man alone has so many genetically programmed spermatozoa in his body, enough to populate an entire continent, that populated continent, its population formed by millions of brains, each brain with a great wealth of intelligence; intelligence that has the same voltage of all those brains together and make one whole mass of intelligence. This means that one man alone has the intelligence of an entire continent of the earth and that intelligence doesn’t decrease, that intelligence increases because it is a generator of intelligence and each being of those is a generator and each of those beings corresponds to a brain and the spermatozoa that an individual produces are millions, such that we could possibly be millions of times more intelligent than what we are with the same material that we already have within our body. This is what I intuit and think it taking as a foundation the biological knowledge that this mediocre medicine has taught us but from which I have taken these basic principles that I am expounding.



Inside the spermatozoa can be found the incessant renewal of life of what to you and I was taught as the krebs cycle, which is the incessant cellular renewal and that is programmed in our genes and that is congregated in each spermatozoa to activate that genetic renewal and that which is natural is that this spermatozoa inside an ovule will renew life once again and that a man has millions of these renewals of life and that if we gather those millions in a compact mass it is a great renewing mass of life in such a way that logic does not exist logic to get sick or to age, which makes it so that we are eternal but my claim to myself, not to GOD, and my claim to human beings is that there is something bad that we did to have a biology in which men do not know how to use just one spermatozoa to procreate and that when wanting to use only one, they kill millions of their longevity, of their eternity of their intelligence that should be a million times greater than the one we have, and…what can we do to achieve this? This is a question that I ask you my fellow brothers and to you my fellow colleague which apparently you have already been trite in this knowledge and now I will enter this trodden path to see what I learn from all of you , maybe not to be eternal as I aspire to be, but to discover how those who came before us achieved it, because the current physiology, the mechanism of our body currently functions to lose the spermatozoa and like that lose our eternity and our health and to the extent that our age increases, be more ignorant and brute; how beautiful if to the extent that we age we become wiser, stronger and eternal.


What if you the Taoists have these mechanisms somewhere over there secretly hidden? If these mechanisms are not achieved, the spark with the current body, that the spark achieves it in the spark that you have in some place and especially that we do not lose conscience, because I know that according tot my imagination maybe GOD put in my head, that each spermatozoa is a a mass of conscience and that if those spermatozoa remain in us they become sparks of conscience in us and when that spark has a body again we will have conscience of what we were before that stage.


My fellow colleague these are not doctrines, they are the imaginations of my head, forgive me my fellow colleague for speaking so much perhaps to not answer anything; this was my good or bad answer without answering.


Good, but I already warned since the beginning:


Do not ask me difficult questions because I am not practical in these teachings and I do not know what I will answer. Forgive me for all the ignorance fellow colleague and I want to hear your view if the dialogue we had.


The Master Aldenvid says:

Yes sir, my view first of all is that this answer that you, Venerable Agent of the Great Commander, have given goes beyond, as you said, of the simplistic concept that materialist science has without recognizing GOD and that going beyond that has all the scientific acknowledgment to make a logical and irrefutable truth because already in practice and in the lives of the Venerable Masters JAH KELIUM ZEUS and the Venerable Master SAMAEL JOAV BATOR WEOR we have seen the theory that you expound reflected in flesh, with total life, that is expressed with the great intelligence of the spermatozoa of these two great bodies that crystallized through the mutation of their own energy the Children of GOD, living inside their bodies and the greatest example that we as mortals could see of health, intelligence and immortality. So there is a scientific basis for your theory The Venerable Agent in Charge of the Great Commander that are the Venerable Masters who are of blood and flesh and that at the same time are everything because they waste nothing. Up to here is my view Venerable Agent in Charge of the Great Commander.


The Venerable Agent in Charge of the Great Commander says:

Magnificent concept my fellow colleague. Hopefully I will not be mistaken with the expositions that I am making because all of you are my professors and are the ones that can grade the work that I am doing and the Great Commander who is going to review all of this that is written in order to judge it.