February 16, 2013 by Rising Youth

Dear visitors of this portal of the YOUTH, may you all have a healthy day, at your service, greeting you, Kúmido.

On this day I want to make reference to GOOD DIGESTION, indispensable foundation for optimal health.

All diseases that afflict human beings currently and in the past, have their origin in bad digestion and when I speak of digestion, I am referring to the entire process that this word encompasses.

All food that we consume, from the moment it enters the mouth, begins the process of digestion. That is why it is indispensable to chew and salivate our food well, to have precise hours for consuming food, respecting each digestive process with a lapse of minimum four hours.


During this phase of time, it is not recommended to ingest food or drinks since either of the two will immediately stop the digestive process that the body is taking into affect. These digestive spasms bring as a consequence the storage of the fecal matter in the intestine for too long and in this way, the body absorbs the liquids and waste contained in that fecal matter and sends them to the blood. With this, whoever suffers from bad digestion, is re-feeding himself/herself and this feedback is terribly harmful for health.


A good digestion is obtained when the following rules are carried out:

  1. Eat only three meals a day.


  1. The space between one meal and another should be a minimum 4 hours, since this is the time that is required by the stomach to optimally digest one of the three meals that have entered the body.


  1. Fruits and vegetables cannot be mixed, nor citrus fruits with sweet ones, nor semi-acid fruits with sweet ones.


  1. Of the three meals, one can select that the three of them be made up of sweet foods, or that the one that corresponds to the middle of the day be salty. Sweet foods are characterized by being abundant in fruits and honey, and one of those meals can also be fresh juice of some citrus fruit, like tangerine, orange or pineapple.


  1. The salty meals should be accompanied by abundant vegetables and legumes with little starch. In the case of the vegetables, they preferably should be consumed raw and try to drink green juices with this meal.
  1. It can’t be left without mentioning that an active life, in which physical exercise is done, a minimum of two hours per day, will make it so that all the organic functions become balanced and a good digestion is achieved.


  1. To achieve good digestion, it is indispensable to adapt the body to move its bowels, minimum four times a day. The first bowel movement should be made upon waking. The second, after eating the first meal of the day. The third one after eating the meal of the middle of the day. The fourth one should be done prior to going to bed. If we succeed in adapting the body to this mechanism, we have overcome a very important battle against bad digestion, which is the foundation of bad health in general.

(For greater clarity regarding proper combination of foods, go to the following page: https://www.joventaoista.org/la-buena-salud-de-la-piel-va-de-la-mano-con-la-adecuada-alisertasel/ )



When a regular elimination of wastes is maintained through bowel movements and with this, a clean intestine is maintained, you will achieve well being in your physical, spiritual and mental health.



Mediocre and interrupted digestive processes due to bad food combinations, untimely eating habits, eating meats or cadavers of any kind, eating fast food, carbonated drinks, an excess of dairy and eggs, besides the bad habit of only eating cooked foods, that is, foods that have lost their vitality because the nutrients that they possessed have burnt away, to this you add the bad practice of a sedentary lifestyle, this entirety of ills makes it so that intestinal functioning becomes stagnant, unleashing toxicity in the blood, where the body starts to suffer the so called toxemia that entails multiple problems, most of all those associated with sterility, bad cerebral functioning, among others.


This is why bad eating habits need to be corrected immediately as well as knowing how to choose that which is most beneficial to the body.


The Venerable Grand Elohim HA KELIUM ZEUS INDUSEUS brought a great practice to the Tao Jewish community; a practice that nature prepared ages ago and it is the adequate position to move the bowels. But ordinary people through the passing of the time, and due to their estrangement from God, have cast aside this practice.


Within the Tao Jewish community this posture is known as REA RUNE since Mother Rea is a cosmic entity that is in charge of receiving and processing all waste.

In the Grand Temple Vegetal Sakro Akuarius, Tibet of the Andes, a forested area is set aside for the use of carrying out bowel movements. Each of the monks has a stake, which is a stick of wood with one ended that is pointed in such a way that with the stake it is is possible to make an orifice in the earth of 15cm to 20cm in depth, with an adequate diameter. After having made this hole, the monk proceeds to place himself/herself over the orifice in a squatting position or REA RUNE, and in this manner, the bowel movement falls inside the hole. After this, the hole is covered. In this way, a harmonious relationship is maintained.

Fulfilling what was said in Deuteronomy 23:12,13… of the Sacred Scriptures, where it says: “You shall also have a place outside the camp and go out there, and you shall have a spade among your tools, and it shall be when you sit down outside, you shall dig with it and shall turn to cover up your excrement.”


The position called REA RUNE that the Tao Jewish Community puts in practice in order to have a correct bowel movement, is a position taken into effect by people of the East, who to this day have conserved this healthy practice.


REA RUNE: Squatting position

All one merely needs to do is to glance at nature and look at all the animals that squat in order to move their bowels, since nature wisely leads them to maintain an adequate position.


The REA RUNE, which is the squatting position, is the one that prevents fecal stagnation, prevents hemorrhoids and doesn’t give place to the feared colon cancer. All of this generates great health in general since in this position, a greater amount of fecal mass is emptied then when one is seated since the colon is not obstructed and this activity is more hygienic than being seated and therefore toilet paper is saved.

To do this position called REA RUNE in the city, where there is no other place to move the bowels other than a toilet, you only have to lift the toilet seat, stand on the edge of the toilet and squat or take into effect the REA RUNE, making it so that the knees press against the chest. The sink or any other piece of furniture can serve to keep balances or can be a support for the arms near the toilet and like that, achieve a magnificent balance. In this position, digestion will become activated and the bowel movement will be made without any effort.


In the case of grandparents, to whom it is not easy to step onto a toilet, they can find a piece of furniture onto which they can place their feet in such a way that the feet are almost at the level of the buttocks and like this, sit on the toilet, obtaining a similar position to the REA RUNE.


Since the so called toilet was invented, and it’s de-naturalized use was spread in the industrialized West, people began to sit in order to move their bowels.

As this artifact, that is harmful to health, continued to spread, the inhabitants of the West suffered constipation, appendicitis, hemorrhoids and other intestinal problems since when sitting, the lower extreme of the descending colon becomes folded, therefore it has to make great muscular effort to empty the intestines and it is then that people start to push and this big effort makes it so that the capillaries in the anal sphincter explode, generating hemorrhoids.

This is why when being in the beneficial REA RUNE, the colon will naturally align with the rectum, achieving an efficient bowel movement.



Following, we will enumerate several benefits of moving the bowels while squatting or in the REA RUNE:


1. It makes it so that the process of elimination is faster, easier and more complete. This helps to prevent “fecal stagnation”, a main factor in colon cancer, appendicitis and intestinal inflammatory disease.

2. Protects the nerves that control the prostate, bladder and uterus from over-stretching and prevents them from being damaged.

3. Seals the ileocecal valve between the colon and the small intestine. In the conventional seated position, this valve does not close and often leaks are produced during the bowel movement, contaminating the small intestine.


4. Relaxes the pubic rectal muscle that normally closes the rectum to maintain continence.

5. Muscles are used to support the colon and in this way prevent effort. Effort on the toilet can cause hernias, diverticulitis and prolapse of pelvic organs.

6. A very effective, non-invasive treatment for hemorrhoids, as demonstrated by clinical investigation publications.

7. For pregnant women, squatting prevents pressure on the uterus when going to the bathroom. Daily squats help to prepare yourself for a more natural birth.

If you, my friend, can build a healthier toilet, do it. Following is a design of a Japanese toilet:


To finish the topic, I will quote the Taoist alchemist and writer KO HUNG, who gave great importance to the health of the intestines and said the following:


“Those who aspire to longevity

should keep their intestine clean;

those who want to delay death

should keep their intestine free of obstructions”


Following is a proclamation given by the Venerable Master Jah Kelium Zeus Induseus at the Grand Temple Vegetal Sakroakuarius.

MOTHER REA 1. Do not devour me before it is time, do not convert me in your food in my youth, in my old age take from my body all the wastes that weaken it. Conserve oh DIVINE MOTHER REA the division between what is yours and mine, wait divine mother for me to carry out the mission that my Father Helohim has entrusted me on this golden supreme voyage. 2. MOTHER AUREA that opens the doors so that life may enter and death leave, open the peristaltic doors of my stomach, of my small intestine and my long intestine; may the drainage that my rectum needs be straight; Mother Aurea open the doors of my pores so that my Mother Rea may eat the poisons that are poisons of my blood. 3. MOTHER AUREA AND MOTHER REA oh sublime and supreme mothers. Mother Aurea open the doors of my brains so that my mother Rea may eat the toxic wastes from my mind. 4. SUPREME MOTHER AUREA open in my body the paths of life so that life may enter in this temple and may my existence surpass the century, surpassing my being the century, may it be countless the years of my beings and inhabit in the most nirvanic places of the cosmos. 5. I want to receive this goodness, OH ELOHIM, put my will power at my service, the service that my body wants. SAKRELLTA Y HUMEKATL Mother Rea I will no longer steal your food, everyday I will give to you what belongs to you. As soon as I wake from sleeping I will give you the wastes of my body, in the morning, at mid-day and in the evening. 6. I will give to you Mother Rea my fecal matter, in the morning, at mid-day and in the evening, I do not eat the excrement of my nasal passages, I do not eat pulmonary secretions; I will put in your mouth Mother Rea all the poisons of my body, I will no longer be a dog eater of fecal matter by not going to move my bowels, I will not leave deposits of fecal matter in my rectum, I will not poison my cells and blood of my body making it filthy with fecal matter, I will go to REA each time I eat since I want my body to be a temple.

Today the Veneravle Sage Kumido and the Doctors of Universal Medicine, Monks of the Great Temple Vegetal Sakroakuarius can instruct all those who desire to alkalinize their blood and receive multiple benefits of these dietary techniques, exercises and sublimation of the energy of life, the great science of Alchemy. Send your requests to the email address: salud.medisinauniversal@gmail.com, we will be glad to help you.